Bia Massage 

60 Minutes - £50

45 Minutes - £40

30 Minutes - £30

**You will require at least 60 minutes for your first treatment as a full consultation of 20 minutes will be required.  Following treatment times include a short consultation of 5-10 minutes.


Pregnancy Massage

1 hour - £50 

 *You have 60 minutes in the treatment room & approx 50 minute massage, which allows you time to get comfortable and not feel rushed before your treatment. 


Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation 

from £40 - Includes assessment, a small amount of manual treatment if needed, rehabilitation training & program. Will include exercise program for you complete at home which will be updated on your return visit as part of your rehabilitation & pre-hab (injury prevention).  Rehab work starts from day 1 of your injury so don't be afraid to make your appointment too soon, the longer you leave it, the longer it will take to regain full fitness.

Strapping & Taping

Prices from £4

Event Massage

Starting from £50 a day



Sports Massage
 (Deep Tissue & Injury Therapy)

Sports massage is great for everyone.  A range of massage techniques, as well as movements and stretching techniques are used to ensure you get a treatment to put you Back In Action. 



Every treatment is totally unique to your needs. It can used on one area where you are suffering specific problems or over a larger area and more limbs if you have multiple issues.  Often clients will find during the massage that they have other areas of stiffness that they were preiously unaware of.  You can discuss this with the therapist to tailor your treatment as you require it. Sports massage will involve the use of Deep massage, Friction, Trigger Points, Compression, Soft Tissue Release, Stretching techniques and more. 

Pregnancy Massage 
 (Pre & Post Natal)

Bia Therapist - Charlotte is qualified in Pregnancy Massage.


"Being a Mum I know from experience that feeling of just wanting a massage whilst being pregnant.  From achey feet and legs to back pain and neck tension.

I am more than happy to see you now and can ensure your comfort using pillows and padding so that you can be comfotable laying on your side or seated throughout the treatment. 

I can tailor the treatment to suit your needs.  If you want to simply sit back and have your feet and legs massages whilst you close your eyes and relax that is fine.  I am just as happy to treat you whilst you share your pregnancy stories with me. I really have heard, seen and experienced it all through my own pregnancies and close friends so don't ever feel shy if theres something bothering you."


Pregnancy massage can help with Sciatica, Back Pain, SPD/PGP, Restless Leg Syndrome, headaches, tension and more.

Why not add Kinesio Tape to your treatment to feel the benefits for even longer.



Tension Tackler
 (Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage)


Why not have what we call a Tension Tackler - A Deep Tissue Massage as often used during a sports massage along with other techniques to relieve stress, tension, aches and pains.  The Tension Tackler is specifically aimed for Neck, Back & Shoulders but can be done where you need it.


If you wish to simply have a massage not aimed at a sports specific problem then the Bia Tension Tackler is perfect for you.

A number of clients are not involved in sport and simply want to enjoy a deep tissue massage to release those day to day aches and pains to get them Back In Action.

You can benefit from this too.  Contact now to book. 

Injury Therapy
(Prevention & Rehabilitation
Strapping & Taping, Ice Therapy)

With specific training in the application for Kinesio Tape and Sports Strapping

You can include this in to your treatment. Prices start from £4 depending on how much tape is used.


Your body is often under a lot of stress from training hard to be at your best.  But how can you be at your best with niggling pains or when recovering from injury?

Kinesio Taping can help speed up recovery, reduce pain and swelling as well as enhancing your performance.  Kinesio Tape is safe to apply on nearly everyone from the smallest niggle to rehabilitation from a major soft tissue injury. 


Sports Strapping is great for stabalising weak joints following an injury and helping strengthen an area to prevent further injury from occuring. 



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