Why BIA?

Why Choose BIA?
Located close to Chelmsford and A12 with free parking the clinic is easily accessible and all on one level for easy access. 
Each of your treatments is tailored to your unique circumstances, nothing beats a personalised massage. Why settle for a regular spa massage (or tickle) when you can have a deeply satisfying, mobilising treatment focusing on your needs.  By taking the time to assess you and plan your treatment around your specific requirements you get a unique treatment. 
Massage can benefit everyone.  It can also be deep and theraputic, aiding recover, loosening stiff tight muscles, remove swelling and scar tissue to get you moving again. From treating pre-existing injuries, to preventing them.  A Massage can be invigorating and stimulating before sport.
Our clients range from pregnant women to elite athletes, old and young.
You don't have to play sport to enjoy a sports massage.
Why not give us a try to see if we can put you BACK IN ACTION. 
Why the name BIA?
B is for Back - I is for In - A is for Action.
In Greek mythology, the Goddess Bia was the  personification  of force, power, might and bodily strength.
She was sister to Nike the Goddess of Victory.
So justifiably Bia will put you BACK IN ACTION.

Bia Sports Therapy UK is a registered company and is associated with the Sports Massage Association. 

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Registered Company 


Bia Sports Therapy UK is a Registered Company, Associated to the Sports Massage Association (SMA). 

The BIA Studio has been approved and is registered with Essex County Council Trading Standards.


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